Four-day week: trials taking place all over the world

Four-day week trials are being conducted in various countries, driven either by governments or the lobby group 4 Day Week Global. The various models that have been implemented tend to favour a reduction in weekly working hours while keeping pay at the same level, with the exception of Belgium, which has opted to redistribute weekly hours over four days without any reduction in overall working time. The table at the bottom of the page provides details of 12 countries trialling such models.

Through Nathalie Tran. Published on 16 February 2023 Ă  14h21 - Update on 16 February 2023 Ă  15h35
Semaine de 4 jours

While a selection of innovative companies are practising a shortened working week around the world, some have been trying since the beginning of 2022 to foster a trend towards this new way of organising working hours in their countries through the pilot project launched by 4 Day Week Global,…

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The four-day working week is gaining ground