France: trade unions at PSA, with the exception of the CGT, sign remote work clause

On 9 April 2021, the leadership of French car manufacturer PSA and the unions present at the group – the CFE-CGC, FO and CFDT – signed a supplementary clause on remote work, dubbed “New Era of Agility”. Only the CGT did not sign. The agreement allows employees to work remotely from 5 to 15 days per month, with a 70% remote working rule having been in place since the first lockdown. The agreement has been struck over a year after a huge shift to remote working by managers as well as employees, technicians and supervisors, mainly at PSA’s Vélizy, Carrières-sous-Poissy and Poissy sites.

Through . Published on 16 April 2021 à 16h50 - Update on 16 April 2021 à 16h50

The end of lengthy negotiations. Although PSA was one of the first groups to announce a huge shift to remote work in May 2020,  it has taken almost a year – marked by bitter negotiations – for the agreement between the management and trade unions to be signed. Remote work, or telework, has been the subject of long-standing social dialogue at PSA, as the preamble to the agreement points out, with discussions on the topic commencing as early as 2014,…

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