France: Covid-19 crisis boosts wave of new QWL tools

During the HR Solutions trade show, where HR innovation start-ups, specialized companies and clients have all gathered together to meet in Paris, Planet Labor wanted to explore the main tools available on the market that are specifically dedicated to the prevention of psychosocial risks, the importance of which has been well demonstrated by the crisis (c.f. article No. 12405 in Fr.). Since 2017 and 2018, start-ups have been launching tools that can measure employee well-being, train managers in caring management, offer online specialist consultations and provide diversity and inclusion training. The question now is what are currently the main tools on the market and will they still be useful after Covid? Planet Labor has compared 21 tools and sets out the results here.

Through . Published on 09 September 2021 Ă  16h33 - Update on 13 September 2021 Ă  9h21

The HR Lab, an association connecting HR innovation players operating in France, counted 270 start-ups actively operating in the sector in 2021. Dedicated to training, administration and personnel management, recruitment and quality of life at work, they each offer something innovative. According to HR Lab’s managing director, Alexandre Stourbe, this number is constantly rising, “Over the past five years, there has also been a change in the attitude of HR decision-makers, an awareness of the need to innovate,” he explains. With the health crisis, HR found itself at the center of the turmoil and had to work on internal issues including health protocols,…

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