Italy: Intesa Sanpaolo officially launches the four-day working week

Despite a breakdown in negotiations with the trade unions, Italy's largest bank and largest private sector employer (74,000 employees) has decided to offer some of its employees the opportunity to voluntarily work a ‘short week’, meaning working nine hours per day for four days per week. Intesa Sanpaolo's ‘new organisational model,’ which comes into force in January 2023, also provides for a change in hybrid work.

Through Hélène Martinelli. Published on 03 January 2023 à 10h52 - Update on 03 January 2023 à 10h52

According to the Intesa Sanpaolo press release, the new organisational model aims to “reconcile people’s new demands with the group’s development” and to create “a more agile and dynamic bank that can serve a more demanding clientele”. One of the bank’s most significant “innovative solutions” is the four-day working week, comprising 36 hours of work a week (9 hours per day),…

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